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We have  been working to build the capacity of grassroots community organizations through development education  training, networking, helping in building their resource bases and sustainability of their programs. In addition we stimulate organizational change for peoples participatory governance, gender equity, transparency and accountability.

We provide community organisations Development Education for Leadership Training in Action (DELTA) training workshops with accompaniment support on community projects.

DELTA skills include needs assessment, planning, monitoring, evaluation, social analysis, community empowerment tools and techniques for liberation of vulnerable groups , facilitation of vulnerable community or group transformation processes, community and project groups animation tools and techniques, facilitation of transformative leadership events and processes, disaster management, facilitation of local community level advocacy, facilitation of fund raising and wealth creation events and processes, management of a community development project cycle, writing and marketing project proposals, discussions on pro-poor community development, facilitation of sustainable livelihood baseline studies, development and use of a strategic plan, right based approaches to development , human rights , understanding democratic governance, strategies on transparency and accountability, civic education on governance policies, systems and structures, discussions on the Sierra Leone constitution, tools and techniques on social, economic, political and cultural analysis of community situations, development of CBOs and NGOs, how to conduct adult learning events and processes, documentation and communication on project experiences, disaster management, team building, and budgeting .

Through these DELTA training programmes, the community organisations are strengthened to be able to formulate development programmes and facilitate their implementation through to evaluation point. DELTA is a training programme which focuses on breaking existing cultures of silence among the poor with a view to make them part of the change process and not merely remaining as objects that uncritically adapt themselves to situations dominated by the powerful.

There is currently, a growing opportunity for DELTA training in Sierra Leone as the international community is supporting the government of Sierra Leone to restore constitutional order at the local community level of governance